Refurbishment of commercial properties in India


How to enhance the value of your property considering ESG norms

With the shift more towards refurbishment and higher yield, Indian investors are beginning to review the quality and nature of their stock of properties, seeking out properties where they will be able to introduce a repurposing strategy as a way to change and enhance property the usage. We are seeing evidence that in India and in respect to older property stock, refurbishing works; This article focuses on refurbishment, associating and linking it to global trends associated with repurposing and ESG.

This article explores the relationship between how the older commercial property stock in India can enjoy refurbishment whilst considering the global trends of repurposing and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, all in the context of sustainable development. It discusses the importance of refurbishment as a key strategy for achieving repurposing and global ESG goals and highlights the positive outcomes and financial returns that can be attained through the integration of these three concepts. By examining case studies and some of the academic literature, this essay demonstrates how refurbishing older commercial properties contributes to environmental conservation, social responsibility, and enhanced corporate governance, ultimately promoting a more sustainable future.

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