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Invest in Curated Opportunities across Asset classes, Return Profiles and Geographies.

We assist investors (UHNI, HNIs & NRIs) in making strategic & well-timed decisions in acquiring and disposing of real estate assets. We provide real-time market intelligence and opportunities that empowers our clients to make informed decisions that diversify their risk and enhance returns.

Our clients can access and market personalised global investment opportunities in real time through our private real estate investment platform, which lists curated investment opportunities. Our team support clients through the entire investment cycle: investment analysis, due-diligence, negotiation, transaction closer, and asset management. Our team also advises investors on the best strategy to generate superior interest in property and meet their investment objectives.

Our platform,, lists two types of investments: rent yield assets and growth yield assets. We use deep market intelligence, transaction expertise, trusted relationships, and seamless execution to anticipate trends, command capital and maximize returns.

Our Offerings

Rent Yield Assets

Rental yield assets generate regular income and capital appreciation for investors. It includes investments in different income generating assets namely commercial assets, Co-living, Built-To-Rent (BTR), warehousing and industrial assets.

Investors can invest in greenfield, under construction and completed assets in this category. The greenfield and under construction assets have associated development risks whereas completed (core) assets are relatively less risky investments.


Growth Yield Assets

This investment category provides capital appreciation for investors. It includes investments in residential plot, farmland, and development assets. Investors generally invest in growth corridor of the city and holds the assets for 10 years or more to realize the desired returns.

Investing in development asset is also an option, where investor invests in land and partner with the development partner for development strategies. The exit period for this would be in the range of 3 to 5 years based on the size of the development.


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