In-House or Outsourced Property Asset Management: which is best for your privately owned property portfolio?


The choice between in-house and outsourced property asset management for a private Property owner depends on several factors, including the owner's goals, resources, and level of involvement. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and what's best can vary based on individual circumstances.

We cannot prescribe one over the other as individual circumstances are of critical importance before a decision of this magnitude is undertaken. Where we can suggest an independent perspective is that globally, in-house property asset management benefits the portfolio, especially when outsourced property and transaction management, FM consultancy and asset management advisory is utilised.

Key to all of this is that the people undertaking the decision-making must be equipped with the salient facts and must have the experience to make these decisions. Should you be considering such a decision, we suggest that you consult with an expert and experienced advisor in this area of expertise.

This article will help property owners to understand pros & cons of in-house asset management and outsourced model; how to select appropriate model based on owner’s portfolio and objectives; value proposition of both asset management models.

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