Collaborative culture for collective purpose

The MERAQI vision of ‘Symphony in Synergy’ is founded in collaborative culture. We believe that the convergence of individual experience and our summated effort leads to superior results. Openness in the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas is intrinsic to our way of life.

We work towards a collective purpose and arrive at decisions through a collective consensus.

Current Openings

At MERAQI, the pursuit of excellence is our non negotiable tenet. This ethos applies not only to our investment in processes but also to our investment in people. The team is committed to create an environment that fosters the growth and nurtures talent.

We are looking for talented, self -motivated individuals who resonate similar values.

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Assistant Manager , Business Development ( HHE)

  Bangalore, India

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Life at Meraqi

At MERAQI, our team strength lies in diversity. We encourage the difference of opinions and ideas to bring out the best in the conversation. Differences make us unique and we celebrate this unique intellect in all of us. We value the dreams of our team members and give them wings to fly. We promise to achieve goals together.