Solving Rubix Cube of Industrial Real Estate


Guiding Notes on designing, development, leasing, marketing and investment for property owners and investors.

  • Industrial and warehousing real estate is thriving in India owing to two key reasons: strong demand and major push from Government’s policies.
  • The modernization of this real estate asset class has started only few years back. Therefore, many property owners and investors are looking to gain in depth understanding of this real estate. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of industrial real estate including types of usage, different industrial Grade buildings, building specification and construction cost.
  • This article explains how investor can participate in this asset class & diff¬erent microeconomics and macro-economic factors a¬ffecting property value. It also helps to understand di¬fferent types of industrial tenants, market practice for industrial and warehousing transactions and diff¬erent ways to market it to tenants, Finally, investors can understand ROI for this asset class, associated risks, and current challenges of this investment.

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