The Real Estate Development Process: Development Management Model


In India, Real Estate Development Management model is in the market since last 15 years, but it is gaining traction now as Indian Real Estate is maturing from all the perspectives: knowledge of different project stakeholders, availability of good consultants, market transparency.

This article will help landowners to understand different aspects of Development Management (DM) model for different real estate projects. The article will explain role & scope of a development management firm in real estate projects, typical development management fee structure, comparison between Development Management (DM) and Joint Development Agreement (JDA), roles & responsibilities of the landowners, risks for the landowner and critical factors for selecting Development Management firms.

This article will also cover what the parameters Development Management Companies evaluate before committing to a project under this model, The attributes of projects that are suitable for Development Management and the typical processes involved in a DM transaction for DM partnership transaction closure.

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