What is the world messaging us?

What is the world messaging us?

As the world begins a challenging and slow exit from the Covid-19 tunnel – one question presents itself:
What is the world messaging us?

Messages always come to us after a significant event, but only once time has passed, and the red mist has settled.

Let's speed this process up a little.

Here're EIGHT perspectives to ponder.

  • #1: An opportunity to change our ways.

    Robin Sharma summed it up wisely:
    “We are being asked by the world to shift from human doings to human beings again.”

  • #2: An opportunity to care more.

    The Covid-19 lockdown akin to:

    • “Putting our world into an induced coma.
    • It’s as if our natural resources needed a period of intense rehabilitation.
    • A slowdown was needed.
    • Now our skies are clear – our oceans blue.
    • It’s an opportunity to end our war on our environment.”

  • #3: An opportunity to find more balance.

    Covid-19 crashed into our lives, sending us on an exponential digital learning curve, but are Zoom, Firefly and Microsoft really the answer?

    • The answer is NO.
    • The answer lies in finding more balance.
    • Less travel will be required, but as human emotional beings, we will always seek that ‘human touch’.
    • Our health, our wellbeing and our productivity demands human interaction and collaboration.
    • We will need to find more balance in everything we do.
    • Too much or too little of anything for too long – creates a state of imbalance.
    • Imbalance is what creates illness. Balance is what creates wellness.

  • #4: An opportunity to become more learnt.

    • With more time on our hands, we have found more time to invest in ourselves – invest in online learning.
    • It’s been a time to bolster ones skill set.
    • A time to become more learnt in one’s particular field of expertise – to enable one to impact more positively on our world.

  • #5: An opportunity to be grateful for the big and the small things in our lives.

    Matthew McConaughey is his famous Oscar winning speech shared the following:

    • “Gratitude reciprocates – it’s a scientific fact.
    • When one practices being grateful, opportunities come in abundance – regularly and effortlessly.”
    • Covid-19 has taught us about the big and the small blessings in our lives – creating more time and space to invite more of what you really desire into your life.

  • #6: An opportunity to be more considerate of others.

    • Covid-19 has re-introduced us to common manners – asking us to be more considerate of others.
    • No longer can one simply climb aboard the big orange or green planes riddled with common flu.
    • No longer will one be allowed to sneeze, splutter and cough over ones fellow human beings in any common space.
    • Those days are gone.
    • Stay home. Work from home. Isolate.

  • #7: An opportunity to unite in common purpose.

    • It’s not often that the world comes together to declare an urgent common concern as more important than country differences.
    • "There comes a time when we heed a certain call. When the world must come together as one. There are people dying. Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life. The greatest gift of all” USA-AFRICA song lyrics.

  • #8: An opportunity to do life better.

    • Covid-19 has made us all RE-THINK, RE- IMAGINE & RE-BOOT.
    • It has given us the opportunity to GROW.
    • We were gifted the time to think about our priorities in life – and our health.
    • A time for introspection.
    • Can you now clearly articulate your Purpose, your Priorities and your Performance
    • Goals for 2020 and beyond?
    • They may have changed dramatically.
    • New opportunities may have presented themselves.
    • Lots may have changed in your life for the better.

Thank you Covid-19 for messaging us.

About the Author

Jonathan Yach, MRICS

Jonathan Yach, MRICS

Jonathan is a 35 year real estate services and management veteran, with hand-on management experience in the complex markets of South /East African and India