HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) Layout approval process for new online building & layout plan

HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) Layout approval process for new online building & layout plan

Post success of the Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self Certification System (TS-iPASS), the Urban Development Ministry unveiled a similar system for building permissions named “Telangana State Building Permissions and Self Certification System (TS-bPASS)” through TS-bPASS Act, dated September 14, 2020 and is implemented during 1Q 2021.

This aim of this Act is to provide speedy layout approval process and building permissions in a transparent and time bound manner and strict enforcement against unauthorised developments, constructions in the state of Telangana. This single window clearance facility is applicable in all the Urban Local Bodies across the State including the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) area to bring in uniformity.

The Government has initiated the TS-bPASS system in the state as a part of a new age of accountability by a single window clearance for building permits in urban areas. Self-certification and permits are the breakthroughs of municipal reform legislation. TS-bPASS is the first-ever integrated layout and property approval platform in India.

Salient features of the Act are:

  • No building permits and occupancy certificates are required for plot sizes up to 75 square yards (sq.yds).
  • The residential plot area from 75 to 500 square yards and construction up to 10 meters height is required the GHMC or municipal permission. Citizens should fill up the Single Window System (SWS) common application form Online and get the Instant building permission approval through the TSbPASS portal
  • Plot sizes above 500 square yards and height above 10 meters and all commercial buildings, high-rise buildings, Group development schemes, Group housing, layout developments, multiplexes, and non-residential buildings. These developments require multiple NOCs; one common application form shall be submitted through TSbPASS portal as prescribed for all HMDA layout approval, clearances and permits.
  • The tentative layout approval and Occupancy Certificates (OC) will be processed through the Self Certification Portal.

The concept of re-purposing

HMDA Building Plan Approval process:

  • The online application must be submitted with all requisite documents as prescribed. The online system shall not accept the application unless all such documents are submitted.
  • Such documents upon submission shall be examined by the single window committee set up for this purpose and shortfalls or incompleteness or cases where further information or clarification is needed shall be communicated to the applicant within 10 days from the date of online submission.
  • In all other cases (applications having valid & required documents), the online application system will forward the application automatically to the relevant departments including irrigation, fire, revenue, police, Airports Authority of India (AAI), and others who will submit their remarks or issue no-objection certificate within 7-15 days.
  • Finally, the municipal authorities concerned will examine the documents and issue necessary permissions within 21 days.

HMDA Layout Approval Process:

  • The applications for Layout approval will be processed through Self-Certification System in accordance with the Layout rules as prescribed in the respective Master Plan or Local Area Plan. Once all the requisite documents are submitted and required fee is paid through web-based online system, the tentative Layout Plan shall be approved within a period of 21 days.
  • Further communication will be intimated online to carry out the infrastructure activities and provision of amenities in the defined time frame.
  • Upon completion of the Layout, the owner or developer, shall submit online application along with self-certification dully attested by Licensed Technical Personnel, in the manner as prescribed declaring that the development in the layout is as per norms. Also, developer is required to register all roads and open spaces in the layout in favour of municipality, as it is a pre-condition to be eligible to get the final layout approval.
  • District Level Committee / GHMC /HMDA which will verify the actual development & implementation of the layout and whether it is in conformity with the tentative layout plan approval issued and shall be processed for final layout plan approval. The final approval shall be issued online to the developer.

Under this new Act for HMDA layout approval process, all municipalities including GHMC are mandated to clear all the building permission applications within the stipulated 21 days failing which the permission is deemed to have been issued. An automated certificate will be issued to the applicant on the 22nd day with the signatures of the authorities concerned including the municipal commissioner and the town planning officer on behalf of the municipality concerned, to enable the property owners to obtain bank loans or other financial assistance.

The permission issued under deemed clause can be revoked by the commissioner within 21 days from the date of deemed approval if it is found that deemed approval has been obtained by mis-representation of the facts or false statements, and/or against the building rules, regulations and Master Plan land use provisions. Thus, TS-bPASS makes every applicant/citizen responsible and ensure that they adhere to the building and layout permission rules of the State government. The recently launched user-friendly online building permission system streamlines the approval process and assures for hassle-free speedy approvals would accelerate Hyderabad real estate development activities further.

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