How to introduce Proptech into your Property today?


We are very aware that by now, your awareness about PropTech is high and hence we are focusing this and ensuing articles towards HOW you can apply PropTech into your properties and portfolios. This article provides you with a broad update on the state of how important PropTech has become in properties and portfolios and we conclude this article with pointers as to how you can take advantage of applied PropTech.

Key Takeaways

  • In today’s market, property owners are generally more informed. Canny investors in the real estate industry are “seeing around corners”, espying opportunities in rising and exciting market.
  • Is your property capturing income from these sources? Convenience, location, technology and the youthfulness of the consumer market is driving disruption in the industry.
  • The market is encouraging all sorts of new segments and forms of use, most are initiated and supported with technology. The more property services are integrated with each other, the more the result data can be mined and used, to maximise property valuation.
  • Today, investors are embracing ESG-policies and having their properties rated accordingly. Investors are no longer prepared to ignore Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (“ESG”) issues.
  • To manage it, you must measure performance and gather the data’. Benchmarking and property performance are key portfolio requirements.
  • If you have not yet adopted PropTech into your management systems, ask ‘why’ and then read this and Meraqi’s ensuing articles about ‘how to implement PropTech into your property and portfolios’.

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